by Black Leaf

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released September 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Black Leaf East Moriches, New York

Brian Bowden - Vocals ,Guitar
Brian Boyce - Bass
Nick Spano - Drums , Vocals

Micheal Prochilo - keyboards

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Track Name: For What Its Worth
lyrics - selg\ bowden
music - selg \ bowden

she said ya can't come home no more
she said it's meaningless to hold on anymore
and now there's nothing ,
there's nothing to misunderstand
it's always easy falling when its all placed in your hand

so i was living on the dark side maybe livin on the edge
just doing what i felt never thinking bout the plan
and i'm barley shaken love
on what was right and what was wrong
so i jumped back to the table, and i jumped down to the floor
starting fresh again

and i'm thinkin
we'll break the rules and then we'll sit back
whoa...for what it's worth

as my head seems to spin i forget to breath
climbing up these walls seems like such agony
i'm taking the truth with me and i'm going to break it down
all this living now seems to make me just look like a clown
Track Name: Scream For Forgiveness
lyrics - selg
music - selg \ bowden

well 60 onces of heaven
light white hair like i've seen a ghost
went to dinner and saw a movie
like i forgot to tip the host
well the rains been acumilating
and i'm sick as a man can be
traveling from all your foreign places
ya swam from the distant sea


you better scream for forgiveness
you better run and hide
you better scream for forgiveness
lord make your amends tonight

you better hop back in to that automobile
before before before...it pulls away

well he thought he could be a big man
and something inside of him died
drove his ass all the way to california
and froze up dead inside
Track Name: Been Meaning To
lyrics - bowden
music - bowden \ selg

iv'e been meaning to think about
and iv'e been meaning to think aloud
but i already know, iv'e been fading slow
been meaning to settle down
iv'e already fucked my name
and i already know, iv'e been fading slow

and think about
where we'll go when the week ends

bop just a little
to think at all
Track Name: Wake And Do It All Again
lyrics - bowden
music - bowden

yeah the path we take is long
but it's the road we'll take until that road is gone
days begin with sun and rain
when our day ends we'll sleep and do it all again

blue eyes i think it's time to settle down
far away is where we'll stay till we're in the ground

got this thorn stuck in my side
and it stays there until we can say we'll never die..out
what we recall makes up our lives
and i'll be damned if i recall a single day
Track Name: Bugs
lyrics- selg \ bowden
music - selg \ bowden

some things you don't understand
we walk through the streets in our hands
neon lights we talked all night
everything seemed alright

left it on stage, caught in a haze
like a thousand thoughts from a thousand eyes
caught and ashamed
so i left it on stage, for what seemed like days
like a single shot from an old 45
i was caught on the chase


but ya gotta love , gotta love, gotta love
the way you broke me

there was a vail that was hard to see
somewhere along the lines
you know i couldn't feel
any of the gravity
Track Name: Judge Of Judges
lyrics- bowden
music - bowden

doing what's right ,we don't have a clue
feeling the time
feeling the times with the who's of who
doing what's right


who judges who? judges who
man ,well the line is too long
who judges who? judges you
man i don't know

open you're eyes to a brand new day
feeling the time
feeling the timewith the who's of who
doing what's right
Track Name: Carry Me Home
lyrics- selg
music - selg

carry me home
carry me home
cuz i don't what to die out here alone
the insanity , dont bother me
oh please why don't you just let me be

carry me home, carry me home
cuz i don't want to die out here alone

bury my bones, (bury his bones)
bury my bones ( bury his bones)
cuz i feel so damn weak and too damn old

carry me home ,carry me home
cuz i don't want to die out here alone
carry me home, carry me home
cuz i don't what to be this alone
Track Name: Out Of Sight
lyrics - bowden
music - bowden

o my god well it's been so long
since the road was in sight, and i did anything right
so don't let me go out yet
while i have this here , i'm still waiting on my sunrise

miles ahead with that feeling so dead
Track Name: We're All Whores
lyrics - selg \ bowden
music - selg

you always said goodbye
shot to hell with no hope and lost pride
time to rest my head on this rock
shot to hell with hope for one more

so now you made love to another man
we're all whores, it takes time to understand
so now i'm trapped up in this box
with a girl that means nothing to me